Disney Pins: Cinderella Castle Pin Print

It was bound to happen sooner or later.  As I was perusing Disney Musings Blog for a Saturdays With Nick selection, one of the items in Nick’s Disneyana collection looked familiar!  Black fame, white mat, combination of background picture and Disney pins!  I have that picture!  I remember where I got mine – and it wasn’t at Walt Disney World.  I got my picture from a friend at work who was having a garage sale, knew I loved Disney, and offered me the picture for what she paid for it.  I could tell she was somewhat reluctant to part with it and wanted the picture to go to a good home, so to speak.  So, for $15, I had my Cinderella Castle Pin Print delivered to me at my office.  Here’s Nick’s story…RM-Disney-Pin-Print-Cinderella-Mickey

Disney Pins: Cinderella Castle Pin Print

From: Nick

Off the Wall: Cinderella Castle Pin Print. I got this framed pin set from Walt Disney World a few years ago. I believe it was $14.95, with a $25 purchase at The World of Disney Store, in Downtown Disney. A wide selection of favorite Disney characters are illustrated here, with a few being represented in pin form.

 Pluto popping up in the foreground.

Tinker Bell over the castle.

Mickey Mouse shares center stage…

…with the castle’s namesake, Cinderella.

A pretty nice collectible at an affordable price!

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5 Types of Disney World Dads

RM-Main-Street-USA-Magic-KingdomPeople watching is fun to me!  While I’m at Walt Disney World, I find it especially entertaining.  Watching families having fun, seeing kids bravely try their first major thrill-ride, looking at the cute just-married couples posing in front of Cinderella Castle.  I’ve met some great fellow Disney fans waiting in long lines for rides like Soarin’ and Splash Mountain.  In all this people watching, dads prove to be among the most interesting subjects.  I’ve come to the conclusion that most dads fall into one of five categories. (Thanks to Raymond for being the model for all the dads!)

5 Types of Disney World DadsDad checks his watch at the Grand Floridian

1. Dad of Misery – This dad would rather be anywhere else.  He had no idea what would be required of him on a Disney World vacation and he is not amused.  Unused to and unprepared for standing in line, walking great distances or enduring the heat of a Florida summer, this dad’s cranky and irritable.  Some Dads of Misery suffer silently, but others make their displeasure known – loudly and frequently. #shouldhavestayedhomeRM-Dad-and-Meg

2. Confused Dad – It’s his first visit and mom did all the planning and dealt with all the details.  Confused Dad loves seeing his kids having so much fun, but he doesn’t know the names of all the characters and most of the attractions.  On his own, he’d be completely lost, but he’s married to an exceptionally well-organized woman.  He’s pleasantly surprised and having way more fun than he imagined he would since he had no idea Disney World would be so entertaining for adults.  Before vacation ends, Confused Dad’s eyes have been opened, a Disney park fan has been born, and another trip is in the works.RM-Dad-at-Studios

3. Adventurer Dad – Thrill-ride junkie, this dad loves new experiences and is up for anything exciting.  This is the dad who rides Rock’n’ Roller Coaster multiple times and will try every food booth at Epcot’s Food & Wine Festival.  Adventurer Dad is at his best when his kids reach the minimum height requirement for every ride.  He also loves Disney water parks and resort pools – especially ones with big slides.RM-Dad-at-AKL

4.  Boy Scout Dad – This is one über-prepared father!  He’s wearing an enormous, over-stuffed backpack and has carefully arranged every aspect of a gigantic double-stroller to ensure the comfort of his offspring.  “Be Prepared” is his motto and he’s thought of, and is ready for, all possible contingencies.  Sadly, Boy Scout Dad is a worrier and spends most of his time imagining what tragedy or illness may befall the family next, instead of relaxing and having fun.  His stroller navigation skills are unparalleled!RM-Dad-and-Perry

5. All-In Dad – This dad embraces Disney magic in all its forms.  He’ll wear his Disney t-shirt and earhat with pride!  The ultimate Disney fan, All-In Dad needs no park maps or times guides.  Disney World is his happy place.  He’s soaking up the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes while patiently nurturing his children to follow in his Disney-loving footsteps.  All-In Dad is the easiest to spot by his attire and pin-trading lanyard.  He’ll usually be holding a churro or a Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar, wearing a happy smile.RM-Dad-and-Joseph

Are you (or do you know) a Disney dad?  Which type?

Road to runDisney and Bulu Box

***This is a sponsored post that contains affiliate links.  I received a free Bulu Box in exchange for writing a review.***  That being said, the following is a completely honest review.

Bulu Box EndYou might have already noticed I’ve developed a passion for both runDisney events and subscription boxes.  Usually, where I’m concerned, the two are pretty much mutually exclusive.  I’m working toward my second Glass Slipper Challenge during the Princess Half Marathon Weekend at Walt Disney World in 2016 (February 20th & 21st).  Gaining optimum fitness and weight management are important goals for me.  I might have mentioned a time or two about how, once you reach a certain age, weight just seems to jump onto you – no matter how hard you try to eat right.  Not gonna lie – it sucks!

Enter the Bulu Box.  As a Fit Approach #SweatPink Ambassador, I get the chance to apply for a variety of sponsored post opportunities.  Due to my crazy busy life, I apply for very few, but recently the opportunity to review a Bulu Box arrived by email and I got excited!  I’ve not subscribed to any subscription boxes other than fashion/clothing boxes and the one for Junior’s dog treat obsession…but, the chance to receive a complimentary subscription box that promotes healthy living?  Perfect!!!  I didn’t even know such a thing existed.Bulu Box Contents

The beauty of the Bulu Box is that it’s a sample box that gives you the opportunity to try different healthy-lifestyle based products .  Why this is perfect for me (and my family) is that I don’t want to drop major money for a full-sized product without finding out if we like it first.  Have you seen how expensive a container of protein powder is?  What if it tastes horrible or is grainy-textured?  Money down the drain (literally).  What if that bargain box of protein bars at my local discount store are too sweet or taste like cardboard?  Again, waste of money!

So what was in my complimentary Bulu Box?  A wide variety of awesomeness!Quest Protein

  • TWO packets of protein powder to try (Quest Protein Powder Packets $54.99/30 servings, four flavors available).  I find certain protein shakes work very well at controlling my hunger.  This one sounds delicious.
  • A sample jar of anti-itch cream (Earth’s Care, $11.99 for 2.4 oz. full-sized product) is perfect for our household – the wasps, mosquitos, and red (a.k.a fire) ants are in full attack mode this time of year.Movit Energy Gummies
  • Long a fan of gummies for energy, especially while running, the sample package included in the Bulu Box of Movit Energy Gummies caused Raymond and I to have a mini-debate over who needed them most (full-size retail, $15.99, 60 calories per serving).mediterra bar
  • I was also stoked to find a nutrition bar that is savory instead of sweet!  Initially this sounded strange, but since I’m always outspoken about my lack of a sweet tooth, a savory bar seems custom-made for me!  They also come in sweet versions. (Mediterra Nutritional Bars, full-sized retail, $23.95/12 bars)Yerba Prima Drink Mix
  • Finally, a sample of fiber-filled, orange-flavored drink mix reminded me that I often don’t get enough fiber (I know, TMI) and might find such a  product helpful. (Yerba Prima Daily Fiber Formula, $14.64 for full-sized bottle).

Bulu Box’s online shop is the perfect place to pick up nutrition, fitness, and weight loss/management products.  The subscription box is a great way to try out different products at an economical, free of any commitment-to-full-sized-product-expense way to try an impressive array of products.  Have I purchased a subscription?  You bet I have.  One subscription box that allows our active family to try-before-we-buy a wide variety of healthy products?  Perfect!!!

Bottom Line:  Bulu Box subscriptions are for health-and-fitness-minded people who want to try before they buy!

If you’re interested in a Bulu Box subscription for your family, use the code SWEATPINK to receive 50% off a 3, 6, or 12 month subscription.  As a Bulu Box subscriber, “you’ll receive 4-5 vitamin, supplement and healthy snack samples to try.  Every sample in Bulu box is also available in full-size in the Bulu Box shop”.  (There’s also a rewards program for subscribers.)

I’m out of control with subscription boxes!  Which are your favorites?



On The Long Drive to Disney

View of World ShowcaseIf you’re the kind of family (we are!) who looks for creative, entertaining, and *gasp* educational ways to spend the time you’re riding in the car on your way to a Walt Disney World vacation, I’ve got an idea for you.  Normally, my podcast listening is mostly limited to Disney-related shows, but I’ve recently discovered The History Chicks Podcast and, let me tell you, this show is awesome!

On The Long Drive to Disney

The show’s hosts, Susan and Beckett, are two women on a mission – to make history exciting!  Yes, all the episodes (to-date, 55 full and several mini-casts) are about female historical (and some fictional) figures.  Each episode offers listeners a glimpse into the early lives of each featured person, what’s going on around them in history when their story unfolds, how they made their mark on history, and how you can learn more, if so inclined.  The podcasts show-notes are phenomenal!  As are the fantastic details and explanations revealed in each episode.The American Adventure / Epcot / Walt Disney World

Am I recommending this show because it’s quality entertainment?  Absolutely!  But I’m also suggesting a way to prepare for a more enjoyable Epcot World Showcase experience.  Whether you’re on an adults-only vacation or are traveling with teens or tweens, The History Chicks can make your tour around the World Showcase even more interesting than usual.  Let Beckett and Susan tell you about amazing historical happenings by famous women from countries represented in the World Showcase!World Showcase Lagoon View

Here are a few of my favorite episodes!


  • Joan of Arc (Episode 51)
  • Marie Antoinette (Episodes 53 and 54)

Great Britain

  • Jennie Jerome Churchill (Episode 10) (Yes, American born, but Winston’s mom!)
  • Queen Victoria (Episodes 11 & 12)
  • Queen Mary I (Episode 30)
  • Queen Elizabeth I (Episodes 43 & 44)
  • All the Tudor-related episodes are great!RM-Mexico-Pavilion


  • Frida Kahlo (Episode 42)


  • Clara Barton (Episode 14)
  • Helen Keller (Episode 7)
  • Abigail Adams (Episode 4)
  • Dolley Madison (Episode 5)
  • Rosa Parks (Episode 26)RM-Cinderella-Festival-of-Fantasy

Fictional Characters you’ll love knowing more about

  • Red Riding Hood (mini-cast)
  • Alice in Wonderland (Episode 28)
  • Cinderella (Episode 3)
  • Mrs. Claus (mini-cast)

Susan and Beckett are easy to listen to, full of pop-cultural references, and make disclosures up front if a particular episode may not be suitable for very young ears.  For those of us who are already passionate about history, this podcast delivers exactly the kind of detailed information we love.  For those of us who want to learn more about history in an entertaining way, without feeling the slightest bit like we’re in a classroom hearing a lecture, this show is the bombdiggety!

Check out The History Chicks and let me know what you think.  If you have any podcast recommendations for me, I’m all ears!!!