Tim and Bob – The Men Behind the Resortloop Podcast

resortloop_logo_august_smallerOnce again, I’m thrilled to share with you another interview with the hosts of one of my favorite Disney podcasts!  Hop aboard the Resortloop Podcast – Gateway to the Magic.  I discovered this little gem a few months ago and these two guys from Ohio have taken up a little corner of my Disney heart.

“Please stand clear of the doors.  Por favor mantengase alejado de las puertas.” – Disney’s Monorail Announcer.

Meet Tim Scott and Bob Coller – two great, genuinely likable Disney fans who, in February, 2013, began their own Disney podcast.  Easy listening meets heartfelt Disney enthusiasm as these two, and an occasional guest, discuss ways to make the most of every Walt Disney World visit.  93 Episodes to date (in under a year!), each lasting about a half an hour, there are lots of reasons to tune in.  Personally, I like their perspectives – especially Bob’s since we’re the same age – and how they interact with each other.  One thing about the show I particularly appreciate is that, unlike almost ALL the Disney podcasts in my lineup, they did NOT take a holiday hiatus – there were new episodes to listen to every day from December 23rd to December 31st.  One other thing I need to mention before I get to the interview is how consistent each episode is – Tim and Bob are the same guys today as they were in the first episode – there was no need for them to develop their style over time or find their podcast’s “voice” – they’ve been themselves from day one because it works!

On to the interview: 

1.  What unexpected surprises (good and/or bad) has podcasting brought you? 

Tim – I have been surprised and overwhelmed by the graciousness and kindness of our listeners.  I never thought that we would have an audience as large and as quickly as we did!  Our audience has taken on an identity that we feel is unique in the Disney Podcast Community.  When Listener (and friend) Joe Quattrocchi coined the term “Looper” for listeners of the show, it immediately was a hit!  It has since spurned numerous hashtags: #Looper, #SuperLooper, #NewLooper, #LooperNation! It continues to be an awesome experience!

Bob – I am truly amazed at the incredible group of people that make up the Disney Community, and not just the sheer numbers of people, but the amazing quality of the people.  I feel that if I were to break down on mile marker xxx, on I-77, on my way to WDW, and tweeted about it, someone from the Disney Community would be there in minutes to help.  I am proud to be in this “fraternity”!

2.  Who are the top three guests you’d be most thrilled to have on your show?

Tim – If only it were possible to interview Walt or Roy (but I’m sure I’m not alone in that)!  Bob Iger would pretty cool too!


  1. Walt Disney – For obvious reasons
  2. Ube Iwerks – To find out more about the early years of the Walt Disney Company
  3. Diane Disney Miller – To hear “Dad” stories and learn about the “real” man.  As a father myself, no one can tell the real story of a man better  than his kids.Tim Scott Picture

3.  What’s your Disney lucky charm – or most favorite, treasured Disney item? 

Tim – I think for me, my favorite lucky charm would have to be my key chain.  It’s an Epcot key chain that I bought the year it opened  I bought it before I had a license and have had it with my car keys ever since.  It’s worn and beat up a little now but has lots of character!  I also bought another one a year later as a backup, which is around here somewhere.  Wow, I just realized its 30 years old!

Bob's WindbreakerBob – A Mickey Golf windbreaker I got on the very first trip with my daughter.

4.  The one thing you each love most about Disney parks?

Tim – The escapism the parks provide.  It’s not only true from park to park but also from “land to land” or “country to country” within each park.

Bob – The feeling when you are there!  It cannot be explained, it can only be felt.

5.  Best advice about podcasting you’ve ever received? if nothing – What have you learned about life from podcasting?

Tim – I never actually sought out any specific advice about podcasting.  It has taught me to try some new things.  Put yourself out there, share your thoughts, be yourself, and have fun while doing it, and people might listen!

Bob – Best advice I received was from my co-host Tim, who said, “Alright, we’re just going to start and see what happens.”

resortloop_com_basic_logot_shirt6.  Best advice about vacationing at a Disney park you’ve ever received – and you think everyone should know?

Tim – I’m a huge advocate of getting out of the parks in the heat of the day during the summer. Always enjoy the nap and/or swimming!   I also always tell people who are going on their first trip that there is no way you will do it all!  Plan well and enjoy what you do get to do!

Bob – “Look Up!” I took that to mean, look around, don’t rush to the next ride, enjoy what is around you.  It has made every trip much more enjoyable.

7.  How did you first learn about Disney podcasts?  Was that your inspiration for starting one of your own?

Tim – I had to find the time frame on this.  It was 2005, I was searching the internet looking for the old audio track that was played on AM radio as you entered WDW property.  I never found it but one of the results was “Inside the Magic” I don’t remember the exact episode that was out but it was in the single digits!  As far as inspiration for starting a podcast, never thought I would.  Bob and I would always have in-depth Disney conversations and I would quote Seinfeld and say “This could be a show”!  I bought some equipment told Bob we were starting a podcast and the rest is (recent) history!

Bob – Again, my co-host Tim!  He got me listening to a few and the rest as they say is…well…”Please Stand Clear of The Doors”!


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Disney Deluxe – 5 Great Things About Animal Kingdom Lodge

IMG_3196If you’re planning a Walt Disney World vacation, you have a huge variety of on-property resort choices available.  Just in the deluxe resort category alone, not counting Disney Vacation Club (DVC) Deluxe Villas, you have eight from which to choose as a home-base for your Disney vacation adventures.  I’ve seen and heard a lot of folks on Disney discussion forums, Twitter and Facebook asking about Animal Kingdom Lodge.  Is it a good place to stay?  YES!  Don’t let its off-the-beaten-path location deter you – it’s a beautiful, relaxing and very unique member of the Disney deluxe resort line-up.

FIVE Great Things about the Animal Kingdom Lodge!

1.  Gorgeous Lobby:  When you arrive at AKL and pass through its front entryway, be prepared IMG_3390for a breathtaking experience.  The 6-story high lobby is stunning!  Huge and open while still comfortable and inviting, the muted colors in this expansive, well-themed space welcome guests with an undeniable charm.  If you feel like standing right in the middle and slowly turning in a circle to take it all in – go ahead!  And don’t forget to look up too!

2.  Delicious, plentiful dining options:  The dining at AKL is so fantastic, we will eat here on every trip to WDW no matter where we’re staying.  It’s a perfect way to end the day at the Animal Kingdom Park as it’s just a short bus ride away.  Of all the restaurant choices at Disney World, I consider AKL’s dining options to be the most unique.  Don’t worry – Disney has a special way of making sure there’s something on every menu to satisfy even the pickiest of IMG_3213eaters and the menus at Animal Kingdom Lodge are no exception.   The Fam and I enjoy Boma – Flavors of Africa (buffet – home of the famous dessert called Zebra Domes) and Jiko – The Cooking Place (table service) so much, we’ve yet to try Sanaa (table service) although I hear it’s wonderful.  The Mara offers quick service dining and there are two lounges (Victoria Falls and Cape Town) as well as two pool bars (Uzima Springs and Maji).

3.  Relaxing, well-themed pool areas – Uzima Pool is an 11,000-square-foot oasis facing the Uzima Savanna. This pool offers gently sloping, zero-depth entry and a 67-foot-long waterslide.  At Kidani, the Animal Kingdom DVC Villas, you’ll find Samawati Springs Pool which, while smaller than Uzima, also offers zero-depth entry and has a 128-foot waterslide.  Swimming not your thing?  There are also playgrounds and jogging trails!IMG_0921

4.  Learning opportunities for everyone.  There are programs for children, special sunrise safaris (including adventures just for tweens and teens), evening fire-side African story telling and more.  The Fam and I have enjoyed meeting different Cast Members and learning about each one’s home country.

5.  Oh, yeah – ANIMALS! On three separate savannahs over 30 species of African wildlife are there – up close – for you to enjoy (no touching or feeding!).  If staying in a savannah-view room, you can watch the animals from your window.  If you don’t have a savannah-view, don’t worry.  Right off the resort’s gorgeous lobby is Arusha Rock, an elevated savannah overlook with great animal viewing all day long.

IMG_3231My two cents:  This is an incredible place to stay IF you have some extra time to invest.  To appreciate the Animal Kingdom Lodge fully, you must spend time there – on Arusha Rock, visiting with Cast Members to learn about Africa, enjoying unique table service meals, and lounging or swimming at one (or both) of the pool areas.  If you love resorts that are within walking distance of (or a short bus or monorail ride away from) your favorite park or if you spend all your Disney vacation time in the parks and none at the resort- Animal Kingdom Lodge is probably not for you.

Shorts Saturdays – My First Disney Memory

Shorts Saturdays, inspired by the Disney Shorts, is a “question of the week blog hop” hosted by Adventure in the Great Wide Somewhere, with each prompt using a limited number of words.  Today’s prompt – Earliest Disney Memory in 100 words or less.  Not sure I can do it, but I’ll give it a try!

My earliest Disney memory dates back to around 1969 – when I was a very little girl.  I must photohave been enjoying a prolonged Sunday afternoon nap.  So long, my mother felt it necessary to actually wake me up.  I must have given some sleepy resistance because I distinctly remember the gentle words she used to draw me from slumber – if you don’t wake up, you’ll miss Wild Kingdom and Wonderful World of Disney.  Of course, that was all it took.  Sunday night was the very best TV night of the week!

Unfair and Unbalanced – Disney’s Hollywood Studios

IMG_3131Today I’m launching a new type of review – the Unfair and Unbalanced Review.  I have found that for a generally (very) opinionated person like myself, one of the best things about having my own blog is that I can talk about whatever I like and express my opinion honestly.  You want a fair and balanced review of something Disney-related?  This may not be the place for you – you’re entitled to an opinion of your own here, too.

Today I offer you my Unfair and Unbalanced Review of Counter Service Dining Options at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.  When I’m finished, I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions as well – please be as unfair and unbalanced as you like.

Here are the choices:

ABC Commissary – The last time we ate here was on the Dining Plan.  I remember nothing – means it wasn’t horrible, but wasn’t delicious either.  Currently there are not a lot of choices on the menu – burgers, seafood platter, or salad.

Backlot Express – More choices than the Commissary (and more ambiance, if you care about such).  Dogs, burgers, nuggets, and a couple of salads and grilled sandwich options.  Just okay.

Catalina Eddie’s, Rosie’s All Star Café, and Fairfax Fare – I’m lumping these IMG_3028three together, but don’t get the wrong idea.  It’s not because they’re poor choices for counter service – just the opposite, if fact.  They are all in the same area (Eddie’s and Rosie’s are side by side, Fairfax just a few steps away) and if The Fam and I want lunch in the Studios, this is where we head nearly every time.  Here’s why:  At rope drop, we make a beeline for Toy Story Midway Mania, then go straight to Rock’n’ Roller Coaster and Tower of Terror.  At that point, depending on the Fast Pass situation, it may be close to lunch.  If not, we’ll visit the shops on Sunset Blvd. until we’re ready to eat.  These eateries are in the Sunset Ranch Market on Sunset near the exits for RnRC and TOT and each, on their own, has pretty slim menu options… Combined there’s good variety.  With a great outdoor seating area and pretty tasty food – everyone can find something they like.  Raymond and I like the hot Italian deli sandwiches (over the pizza) from Catalina Eddie’s and the BBQ pork sandwich from Fairfax Fare (ribs and chicken are also on the menu there).  They’re good!  Rosie’s has burgers and nuggets (good for picky eaters).

Min and Bill’s Dockside Diner – This is where we go for beer.  I’ve heard the Italian sausage is good here too, but since it became tradition – I’ve only had the beer.

Pizza Planet – if you like pizza (or food) do not eat here.  Please, just trust me.  They call it pizza, but I’d rather just put a piece of cheese and some ketchup on a slice of Wonder bread and eat that.  If you like this restaurant, please don’t tell me.  I actually might think less of you.

DSCN2520Starring Rolls – THE choice for a mid-morning snack.  Perfect location as you start down Sunset Blvd, on the left next to The Hollywood Brown Derby.  Delicious, delightful treats can be found here.  If you’ve heard rumor of a Butterfinger cupcake – this is the place.

Studio Catering Company – This sandwich shop actually has some pretty decent choices of the pressed, wrapped, and grilled variety.  The downside for us is the location – it’s near nothing we care all that much about.  Near the entrances to Lights, Motor, Action and Backlot Tour (oh, how we used to love you) on one side and the Honey I Shrunk the Kids play area on the other.  On a crowded day at the park, this place would be a good bet as it’s out of the way and there’s lots of seating.

Toluca Legs Turkey Company – Yes, home of the gigantic smoked turkey leg.  Hot, greasy, meaty goodness.  Joseph eats one here almost every visit.  I ate one once.  Then I found out the fat gram and calorie count.  Seriously – I’m pushing 50 and my metabolism’s shot.  I must never eat one again.  You go right ahead though.

So – bottom line.  Our favorite choices for counter service at the Studios is over at the Sunset DSCN2572Ranch Market area near the end of Sunset Blvd.  You’ll find reasonably priced, tasty fare in a great location.  Toluca Legs is over there, too, if you just have to have one – don’t blame me if you go home heavier – I did try to warn you.

Weigh in!  (Hahahaha – I kill me!) What are your favorite counter service places at Disney’s Hollywood Studios?